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Contract Cleaning

We provide effective professional cleaning services in all kinds of location and layout. From Residential homes to Events to Companies and Workplaces, we guarantee absolute quality with great attention to detail.

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We perform repairs to improve aesthetics, productivity and maintain the total quality of the overall environment. We ensure every aspect and part is absolute top notch.

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Home Improvements

We also provide much-needed facelifts to beautify and create a home that is much more than home. Yes, your dream home. We tailor our designs and services to your preference to create the ultimate beautiful living area.

Benefits of working with us


Maximum Productivity

A hygienic environment is guaranteed to optimise productivity and returns in the workplace.


Efficient Services

All our services are provided using a systematic approach; efficiency and effectiveness are always our priority.


Quality Satisfaction

Our work is inspected and quality assured. It is always guaranteed.

Sparkling, Conducive and a Safe Environment

You are always guaranteed impeccable service and environment with us. Providing comfort to both clients and workers alike.

We are a commercial cleaning company devoted to revitalising productivity in your environment, improving the aesthetic and ensuring full workability of all amenities and equipment to optimise efforts and resources and create a comfortable area.

We believe a clean and spotless environment is vital for a thriving brand, creating a lasting impression on the client and immensely promoting productivity in the place of work.

With a team of experienced professionals, we provide quick, thorough and efficient cleaning services in all kinds of layout; residential, events and companies alike. We also offer efficient equipment repairs and general home improvement.

With a systematic approach to our services, we deliver maximum quality in the shortest time possible. Our team is thorough and organised, with years of experience of regular, deep and special cleaning, perfection is always our end product.

Our cleaning services are not only limited to the workplace, but they also extend to formal and informal events and even residential homes.

As a well-rounded business, we also provide repairs of all kinds and forms, to ensure top-notch performances of equipment. We believe in maximum productivity in all areas, and our resources are devoted to achieving that.

We engage in home improvement services, giving your home that needed facelift to transform it into your dream home.


Kim Milton - Air Bristol Manager

L&M Cleaning are a pleasure to work with.  Levinous and his team are efficient, helpful, professional and always on hand for last-minute emergencies.  We have been working with them for the last year and as our business has grown, the team have been there to keep up with the demand and have been very dedicated.  I would recommend their service to anyone looking for their services.

Carl Herbert

Just had an oven clean and it is amazing, compared to what it was before it’s immaculate. Extremely impressed and recommended. Great comms and turned up when they said they would.

Sacha Cains

Recently had an oven clean through L&M…. super impressed with the results! My oven looks like new again. Professional, friendly service which I would definitely recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

Charlene Chami

Recently had our carpets cleaned by L&M and a brilliant service was provided, not only were they helpful and friendly but was adamant that some stubborn small stains were gotten rid of, would definitely recommend and will be using you again, thank you.

Tim Grant

L&M provided a professional, friendly and prompt service. I recently had them clean my oven (extremely fair on the pricing compared to others) and managed to save my carpet after my attempts to remove stains failed, I would recommend them to everyone.

Chris Grant

Had the company come in to clean my flat before I moved out, did a great job and on top of that the were very friendly, would use them again.

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